Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last Henry's Before Closing

I was up by 5am and on the road around 5:30.  There is something magical about witnessing a sunrise, whether you are driving or fishing.  So many people go through life without enjoying this beautiful, shifting, myriad of colors.  Both the sunrise AND the sunset were amazing that day. 

Henry's lake definitely slows down toward the end of December, but the fishing was still good.  We managed a bunch of smaller brookies, a few decent cuts and a few awesome brookies.  It was nice to meet up with Jared and his brother.  I only hope we did not keep him away from the family too long!

When I was cleaning the brookies I took home, I was surprised to see how many minnows they had been eating! NOM NOM NOM!


  1. Sweet post, BIG Brooks and LOTS of minnows. Thanks for sharing. Off to the bench to tie some sculpin.

  2. Next year in late season ice fishing I'm totally dropping down some berkley gulps like we talked about. I feel...validated...almost...