Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The homework was finished so I drove to the river.   I parked the car and sat there watching the gale force winds whip the willows around frantically and lay the grass flat.  Sitting there I half expected to see a house or a witch fly by.  And then I started the car and drove home.  I am a die-hard fisherman, ask anyone I know and they will attest to it, but if there were one deterrent holding me back it would be the wind.  It is fishing kryponite in most cases.  Curse you wind.  The fish thank you for sparing them sore lips.

Here's a bit from yesterday's adventures though...

No takers on the streamer.  The brown rubber legs shouldered the load.

If you are craving a hard fighting trout, the Henry's Fork can't be beat.  Healthy fish with an attitude!