Saturday, February 11, 2012

My kind of lunch break

Today's route caused me to pass to and fro through Swan Valley.  Knowing that the South Fork was along the path, I decided to take along my trusty 5wt.  I thought that if I had any time (which I rarely do) that it would be just as the sun was setting.  Lately this part of the day has treated me well.  I thought I might get lucky throwing a streamer... that is IF I finished my jobs soon enough.

The planets aligned and I found myself parked alongside the river at 4pm.  I didn't get touched on the streamer.  I knew fish were there so I reverted to the old habits.  Brown rubber legs, a pheasant tail concoction, and a midge were the fallback.  Landed one little guy on the pt, a medium sized bow on the rubber legs, and then I had to head out.

Here are a couple shots of the medium guy.