Friday, September 28, 2012

Why We Love The Fall

Heaters in the morning and air conditioners in the afternoon... that's how we roll this time of year.  The fish have come out to play, like hordes of ADD kids who've been kept from recess all summer long.  They are feeling the urge to put on the pounds while the food is plentiful and water temps ideal.  They will chase bigger offerings with more aggression.  No complaints here.

Henry's Fork
This is a HF cut and is the first I have ever caught there.  It was also the first fish caught on a scuplin pattern I had just tied up.  I'll take firsts like this anytime! 

Sometimes tandem fly rigs are the devil, but at other times they make all the difference.  This bow went for a black articulated micro-streamer with green hotwire ribbing.  It was the trailer behind a large sculpin streamer. It is a fly that is becoming a new favorite and is already responsible for some dandy fish.

The fly fishing ninja strikes again!

All the smoke we have been having has produced some eerie lighting.  Fortunately the recent rain storm cleared most of it up.

Shane was able to watch this beauty slowly swim up from the depths and casually slurp in the fly.  Shows like that are always a treat, not to mention the exciting fight to follow.

Big fish don't easily stay in shallow nets.  I was struggling to photograph of any of the fish I landed this trip, (some of which were very picture worthy) so I broke out the hocus pocus to break the streak.


Henry's Fork

 The browns are coloring up with their awesome spawning colors.

This little guy had an interesting spot pattern. 

 The black micro streamer strikes again.

This beautifully kiped guy smashed a very large sculpin pattern I have come to think of as the "magic dragon."  The fly makes me think of that flying dragon from the Never Ending Story movies, only it's olive rather than white.

I'm still trying to get the self portrait thing down.  The one hand shots just didn't do this guy justice, plus I was having trouble holding it far enough away to get the whole fish in the picture. 

Big fish are active, their coloring is more vibrant, the air temps are pleasant, and the leaves on the trees look like something out of a painting.  What isn't there to love about this time of year?