Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gear Review: Fishing Camp Board Game by Education Outdoors

Looking for a family friendly activity?  Fishing Camp is a fishing oriented board game intended for anglers of all ages.

So what did we think of the game?

The Pros:

It's about fishing.  Since both of my older boys enjoy the outdoors and fishing in particular, they loved playing a game all about fishing.  The idea of the game is to make it around the board and back to the dock first, having caught at least one fish.  Whenever you land on an orange/yellow lillypad you have to answer a fishing trivia question.  There are four different experience/age levels to choose from with the questions as well.

The questions are fun to answer.  The kids like trying to answer the easier questions and love "catching" fish (getting the fish cards when they answer a question right).

It's colorful and has a lot of pictures.  This is a great aspect for kids.  The board is colorful and the most of the cards have pictures on them.

The Cons:

The instructions are not very clear.  This is one of the points that makes this game something I am less inclined to play as an adult.  It's difficult to know what the rules are exactly in certain circumstances.  They say you are supposed to land "exactly" on your own dock to win, but it's unclear how to do this with the "home" lillypad and personalized dock spots.

There are typos.  This is something that is easy to look past, but I'm surprised how many little "mistakes" made it past the pre-production screening.

Fly fishing not included.  The trivia questions are fun, and the higher level ones are quite challenging, however, there isn't anything about fly fishing.  The game centers on bait, lures, and those aspects of the angling world.  No problem there, but when someone focuses mostly on fly fishing it makes the game less engaging.

So what are our overall thoughts on the game?  It's fun for the kids, and since we often change the rules of games for the kids anyway the problems with the instructions aren't that big of an issue.  Would it be something I would chose to play myself, not likely.  No offence to the brains behind it all.  The idea is great and with some better development this game could be appealing to more adults.  Fix the typos, clarify the instructions, and maybe include some fly fishing trivia and I would gladly take the game along on a manly fishing trip.

My kids often ask to play the game.  It's fun watching them play it with their own little made up rules.  They enjoy "catching" fish and each have their favorite boats.  So if you are looking for a fun little outdoors game to give to your kids it's not a bad bet, but I wouldn't expect it to be the center of any adult gathering.


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