Tips and Tactics

Often the best teacher is a fellow student. I'm not really sure when a person deserves the title of "veteran" in the world of fly fishing. I have been avidly fly fishing for years, but still feel like a novice. Skill levels range just as widely as do the individual fish we chase. Whether you're a good-old-boy or brand new to fly fishing there is ALWAYS more to learn, different fish to catch, and techniques to develop.  The following are thoughts, theories, and techniques.  Hopefully you find something helpful.  I love exploring and learning new things surrounding something I have a great deal of passion for.  Often a new perspective or discovery breaths new life into my own angling.  Sometimes, to my wife's chagrin, a renewed obsession results.  The following are posts about some of the lessons I have learned along the way.  I know how much I appreciated all the help I received when I started into the world of fly fishing.  Please feel free to add your thoughts, tips, and insights, the more the merrier.

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