Friday, October 14, 2011

The In-Between

There's a fine line between neglecting ones responsibilities and keeping in the know with the fish.  Since starting school up again, my time chasing scales has been a bit more limited.  I have fortunately been able to find time, in between my classes,  to explore some areas of the Teton River.  Five minutes from campus and I've been pleasantly surprised!

Pictures Here

One thing I've come to realize is that it is pretty difficult to take fish pictures, that do the size of the fish any justice, when you are all by yourself!  Some of these fish just seemed to be bigger in person.  Perhaps that is just my fisherman's memory kicking in...

One of the exciting things to note, beside the fact that I can get into some good sized fish with only an hour to fish, is that almost all the fish I've been catching have been taken on a little sparkle minnow pattern I just made up.  It's always fun to tie your own flies, and even cooler when they catch fish.

These last few pictures were some of the bigger fish taken.  All in all, this hidden gem of a fishery has been a godsend in a very stressful school year.  A perfect therapy.