Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Class is in session...

School started back up yesterday.  I thought I would visit some old haunts and give the 3wt some exercise.  She doesn't like it when I don't take her out for long periods at a time.  I think I managed to get back on her good side though.

There are plenty of surprises to be had whilst fishing.  Here is one I did not expect from the Henry's Fork.  I must say it made my "fishing" day.

Love me some brookies.

These fish were healthy.  This guy was a chunk.

I am learning that it is folly to underestimate the drive fish have to spawn.  They will travel quite a ways just to find the area they once knew as a little minnow.

A quick chop job with a different location.

Some pics of the event.  I'm still trying to decide whether or not these cuts are in fact residents, or just seasonal visitors.

 And just like me, he went back to his school.