Good gear to a good fisherman is something akin to having good icing on a good cake. Without a good cake (read good fisherman) even the best icing (read best gear) is wasted. The opposite could be said as well. A good fisherman can use the most worthless gear known to human kind and still have an awesome day fishing. The gear does not make the fisherman, but it certainly can enhance the overall experience, and in most cases improve the catch rate. 

Fishermen always desire better gear. That is simply part of the fun; identifying new things that work. Another aspect is developing one's own gear, be it flies, rods, packs, nets, or any other thing imaginable that a fisherman would want or use. This is what has led to many of the existing brands (2012 brands other current brands) in the world of fly fishing. Great gear is usually produced by guys who love to fish and are trying to enhance their own personal experience and comfort, although that kind of tinkering isn't for everyone. 

If only our funds matched our passion for the sport itself, there would be a lot of rich fishermen in the world! We all wish we had more money to put toward gear, though sometimes having less makes it all the more fun and interesting. When we take the time to save up for quality, we appreciate our gear even more. 

I guess there are two morals to the story. First, if you are going to buy gear, save for the good stuff. Secondly, realize that gear has a place and that the experience is not in the gear. Gear should enhance, not be an end-all or be-all. Thanks to all the people out there that produce quality products. The satisfaction and enjoyment of the whole fly fishing experience is enhanced by the people who are genuine and love the sport.