Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Getting Behind: Picture Summary...

I have been terrible at updating this thing.  I suppose that there are the true bloggers-at-heart, and then there are the lackadaisical entry-makers, such as myself.  Since this whole summer I have neglected the reporting, here is a brief pictorial synopsis on where fish were chased this summer.

Heading to Blackfoot Reservoir (we didn't catch a thing, but this was worth the trip)

Snake River

I think this was Kurts first ever carp on the fly.

Willow Creek

 Bighorn Crags

Harbor Lake.  We made this scenic lake our basecamp.

Harbor Lake

First fish of the trip.

Harbor Lake Cut.

Some fish sitting on a red.  It was pretty cool to watch them constantly chasing away this other little fish that kept coming in for lunch.

Gooseneck and Crater Lakes

Big Clear Lake and my first golden.

Another shot of the first golden.

Airplane Lake

Ship Island Lake. Little bit bigger rainbow... but not much.

Tim with a shiny one.

Tim with an aggressive one, took a variant of electric leech/wooly bugger.

On the hopper.

Killer red.

Another beautiful spawner.

Tim and I on the hike out.

Warm River/Warm Springs

I couldn't ask for a better family.  Took them up to Warm River for a little hiking and fishing.  Who knows what that face Will made is about.

We ended up at Warm Springs, the headwaters for Warm River.  Will and I gearing up to do some fishing.

Will and I looking for a willing brookie.

Palisades Reservoir

Will showing off his newly acquired sling shot skills while we fish.

Family fishing.  It was beautiful, though the bite wasn't too fast and furious.

A cut that Will caught.
 Bechler River/Falls River

Went hiking up to the Bechler River above Cave Falls.  Bita and I went with a couple friends.  Collin and I fished while the wives relaxed in the shade.

Did a bit of berry picking!

Collin with the first fish of the trip on.  They were little spunky rainbows the smashed our grasshopper flies.  Wish we had more time to fish the meadows there.

Fish on!  Fished just below Cave Falls at the end of our hike back.  Slayed the little rainbows, it was a blast on the 3wt.  They would hammer my renegade on almost every cast.

Pine Creek

Clear water, boulders, and wild fish... my kind of day.

Will and I giving the trees something to watch.  I hooked em, he reeled em.  Notice the awesome orange fly that Will tied the night before, he insisted that I put it on my hat with the other flies.

Taking our lunch on a comfy boulder.

I don't think he was enjoying himself.  I love fishing with this kid, though he is getting to be a bit heavy to pack around, especially on a slippery uneven walkway.

More goodness.

I think that pretty much sums it all up.  I probably missed a trip here or there, but that is the main parts.  I'll bet this page will take a couple days to load with all the pictures, sorry bout that.

McTucker ponds tomorrow?  Maybe?  We'll see what the wife says...