Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summa this, summuh that...

Finals week has descended.  It came slowly but steadily.  I was fortunate enough to squeeze in a couple trips before my untimely demise.  There is always so much to do before you go.  My list was quite full and went something like this: break the new 8wt in; break it in some more; introduce a spiffy new rod to some unsuspecting fish; and last of all, experience the BVK's casting prowess in the field.  With such a full list it is amazing I was able to take care of it all at once!  I know I know, I'm an animal at multitasking!

 Do not worry, no carp were "harmed" (that is to say even attempted to be caught) in the making of this post... unfortunately. 

Shane picked up some pretty browns with his trusty go-to green hornet articulated streamer.  He doesn't really call it that.  But maybe he will now?

Josh and Shane here, taking a swim.  That bank was a bit deeper than we had anticipated.  This picture shows one of the shallower spots.

Here's a hefty slab o' meat that Shane picked up.


Every year around this time my good friend Kurt comes up from NM to spend a week with family.  Kurt was my very first fishing buddy.  We have a great fishing history and plenty of old memories to laugh about whenever we meet up.  These past two years we have been able to take a day or few hours and chase some fish.  It was good to be rehashing old inside-jokes once again!

It's always a great feeling (not really) when your bare foot sinks down into that stinking unidentifiable goop.  Ladies, this is a MANS pedicure!  It exfoliates, and if you're lucky there might be some inadvertent blood-letting, courtesy of a leech of course.

I'm waiting to do a full write-up on the new rod, at least until I can use it on some behemoth carp.  Thus far I can say this much, it is a good rod.  It's light enough to chase trout with and not notice you are actually fishing an 8wt. 

Bring on the finals.