Sunday, April 22, 2012

Have you hugged a carp today?

Carp can be a bit tricky to land, especially without banking them.  They are tough buggers that don't quit even after a good fight.  I usually take a large net, but forgot to bring it this time around. 

Who needs a net?  Shane showed us how it is done with his patented "carp hug." 

This also was Josh's first time chasing carp on the fly.  I'm pretty sure that he is now "hooked."  I love seeing people's first reaction to how strong a carp fights on a fly rod. 

Josh with his first landed carp.

Josh's first carp fought on the fly.

The triple.


Sight fished this behemoth.  Quite enjoyable.

Taking a step back...

While driving home from our carping trip I had the strong impression that I needed to do some rearranging.  I'm a husband and a father.  I believe that God has blessed parents with the inspiration to teach and guide their families down the best paths in life.  I can take a hint when it's given.  So I am doing a media fast.  That means cutting out the internet for entertainment purposes (wasting time) and spending more time with my wife and children.  I will also be cutting back considerably on my fishing so I can focus on what should be my top priorities.  I believe this is what needs to be done so my kids and wife can see they are more important, because they are.  I have only set the fast to last a month, but who knows, maybe it will last longer. 

On that note, see you in a month, maybe.