Friday, November 29, 2013

Farewell Fall

I love slowly walking through the damp pathways of a fall river bottom forest.  The cool sweet smell of decaying foliage fills the air and invigorates me.  There's nothing quite like spending a beautiful autumn day amidst the fiery colors filling tree and bush alike.  Walking surely and steadily through a smoothly flowing river and taking a moment to look down and see the little ripple-like disturbances your legs create as they interrupt the beating of the river's tempo. The coolness of the water is refreshing. How I love the fall.  It's a pity it came and went so quickly, but as I sit and think... maybe it isn't.  I love the seasons for the changes they bring.  While part of me wishes fall would linger on forever, inside I know this is how it must be, how it should be.  Life gives way to death, and death brings new life. There are eternal patterns in all of God's creations.  We simply have to stop and breath, and feel, and look.  Till next year fall, I look forward to it.

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