Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hardcore At 4

After some persuasive discussions, Bita said I could take William to Henry's while she did a bit of black friday shopping.  So, after going to bed far too late, or should I say early, I got up to my 4:45am alarm and pulled myself together.  I had gone upstairs to make sure our food was good to go and then came back downstairs to see Will standing right outside his door.  He said, "Dad, I'm not sleepy anymore."  Think he was excited to go?  Jared came by and we were on the road by 5:30.

Will was a trooper the whole day, even when he was clearly cold or tired.  He was on the verge of devastation when we moved from our first location on the lake to find one with a bit more solitude.  Fortunately he was comforted when we assured him it was not time to head home yet.  I was so glad to get Will out and after some big fish.  It definitely wasn't a numbers day, but I was trying to catch something so much better, my sons happiness. 

Will was practicing his catch and release skills.

Jared with one of the pretty cuts he nabbed.

I could not ask for a better fishing buddy.  He is a hardcore fisherman in the making.  I look forward to many fishing trips with him in the future.  Some of the happiest memories I have from my childhood were fishing trips with my father. 

And a special thanks to Jared for his patience and company.  We were lucky to have him along, especially since he is normally in California.  We'll get that huge brookie that got away another day.  No, really, I fought him up to the hole and then he managed to spit the hook.  True story. (As if we ice fishermen never say that.)