Monday, August 28, 2017

Fly Tying: The Night Rider Streamer

It is silly sometimes the things we put off. Usually it is the simplest of things too. I'll chalk it up to human nature. Either way, multiple recent requests to either tie or give instructions for the this fly have motivated me to finally film a tutorial. I apologize for it's length. It really is a simply fly to tie, but you never know how long it takes to explain a simple pattern, and your reasoning behind it, until you try. The simplicity of this pattern makes it easily customizable, so don't feel the need to do it exactly how it is shown. Good luck if you give it a whirl, and I hope it helps you do some damage.

Fly Tying the Night Rider Streamer

I looooove brown trout. In any given day they are generally my favorite fish to chase. I love their primal predatory instincts, aside from their buttery mother-lovin' exterior. Hunting a hunter is a bit of a thrill. Careful, I'm not saying you should go chase someone in an orange vest during hunting season. That could end very badly. 

Brown trout are all about the ambush. They prefer the nocturnal darkness of night to chase down unsuspecting minnows, leeches, and even rodents. Because of their hunting prowess, they are often found in the same areas as their quarry at night. This means big brown trout waddle up into those shallow areas we walk right through to get to the deeper lies during the day. Fishing these shallow areas can be tricky with a heavier fly at night. Also, fish are notorious for short-striking in the darkness. Swatting at silhouettes is tricky business. For these reasons, I developed this pattern early on in my night fishing explorations, and it has remained an effective staple fly in my night fishing arsenal, even to this day. 

The artificial material gives the fly buoyancy, the natural materials add a seductive movement, and the stinger hook helps seal the deal. Don't be fooled by it's simplicity. I am a firm believer, born of experience, that the simpler patterns are often the deadliest. 

-4x size 2 streamer hook
-Size 4 Gamakatsu Octopus hook
-65lb Braided Fishing Line (Spider Wire)
-Beadalon (optional)
-4mm plastic beads (in whatever color you want to tie - black and clear are my go-to colors)
-Marabou (whatever color you want to tie in - again black is my most common)
-Rabbit strip (you choose the color)
-Polar UV Chenille (or another similar chenille of whatever color you prefer)
-Rubber legs (usually black), or glow flashabou
-Other optional additions: Bead or cone head, dumbell eyes, deer hair head, fish eyes, etc.

A few victims, who went for a night ride: