Thursday, February 28, 2013

The HF, She Be Good To Me

"Honey, after class I think I'm gonna go stretch my arms a bit."  "So that's what they're calling it these days huh?"  My wife is so good to me.  She is not the only one though, the HF, she be good to me too.

I told myself I wasn't going fishing Monday.  I was going to run some errands and focus on homework.  Then I got a text from Shane.  Three words. "Wanna fish today?"

Classes were done for the day around 12:30.  We wadered up at his apartment and headed out.  The sky was overcast and threatening to snow when we pulled up to the river.  The destination was a section of river with a slough and required a decent walk through a foot of snow.  Winded and sweating a bit we finally made it to the spot.  Shane immediately picked up a healthy (though deformed) fish on a streamer.  Then I picked up a good bow nymphing.  Nymphing was generally more productive throughout the day, but streamers still produced here and there.

What a fighter! The photo doesn't do the size of this one justice.  It was slippery and only stayed around for a couple shots. It was a shame because it had some some spectacular coloring. 

Buttery Bow

The next two shots are our ode to the straight-arm!  The face I was making can't be seen because of the buff, forgot that little detail.

Good times.  As we trudged back to my car through the deep snow we talked about how many miles we put in for good fishing.  Pay the dues and the river, she be good to you too.

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