Friday, April 13, 2012

Pure Tragedy...

Here's a short video shot by my good friend Jared.  These fish were staging, getting ready to head up the creek to spawn, and there were some monsters.

Just got home Wednesday night from a great three-day trip.  Post is in the works.


  1. Heart wrenching. At the time we knew it was an awesome fish, but this footage really brings it into focus.

  2. I think it was a foul hooked carp, to be realistic. If those were spawning carp ready to ascend a spring fed creek, I never saw a fish, and if they like mine don't eat while moving fast to spawn. I could be wrong, was there a scale on the fly? Whatever it was a mover for sure.


  3. It was definitely a trout - we were sight fishing for them, no scale on the hook.

  4. Cool,that was a large guy with shoulders. After I wrote that I thought it a little, or lot, early for carp spawning, is at least here. You guys mentioned carp so I thought there must be some in there. The Bruneau here has an early spawn as it is a thermal river, otherwise, early June is it.

    Nice lost trout then! Gregg

    1. Ha, I was in so much shock after that kind of run that I didn't know what to think when it happened! We had been watching about five of them swim around back and forth below the creeks mouth for a bit. I'll be back for that behemoth another day. Thanks for the comments Gregg.