Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fickle Weather...

With the way things have been here in southeastern Idaho, I am not sure what kind of fishing I should be craving exactly.  Our temps have reached the mid to upper 40s on a couple of days, and the rest seem to be in the upper 30s.  We had a light dusting of snow just in time to make it feel like Christmas, but most of that has since melted and we are left with a pre-spring thaw feel.  It has me craving carp flats and steelhead stalking.

This video did not make things any better!  I'm ready for the Teton to unfreeze so I can break out my flyrod between classes.  It's only a half week into school and I cannot help my mind from wandering to moving water with feisty trout!

Fly Fishing in Fernie, British Columbia from Tourism Fernie on Vimeo.

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