Monday, November 21, 2011

South Fork and some more Between Class

Josh and I decided to take a crack at the South Fork over by Heise for a bit today.  The river in that stretch has changed considerably!  Certain areas of the river that used to be good feeding and holding lies are now part of the main channel.  We fishermen need to be like the rivers we fish, adaptable and willing to follow the flow.  I'm still no streamer fisherman.  I simply lack the "feel" for it, but I'm trying to "be the river."  After spending the better of the time unsuccessfully lobbing a beastly black streamer with my sinking line, I decided to switch to a nymph rig with my floating line.  Using a brown rubber legs with a black midge dropper I was able to coax a couple little cuts onto the line.

We worked our way back down river for a bit fishing our nymphs.  No love with those setups.  Fortunately we happened onto a school of fish heavily feeding on midges, just on a riffle drop off.  It was pretty awesome watching them come up and smash unseen midges on the surface.  We tied on a couple small midge patterns and missed a load of fish before any were hooked.  I managed to hook a few, but before Josh could hook up they stopped feeding.  The wind had picked up a bit, which seems the most likely reason.  Here is a couple shots of a hybrid I was fortunate enough to hook on that tiny hook.

I recently had a bit of time between my classes and decided to scratch the itch at a little spot over by St. Anthony.  Managed a few little picture worthy browns.

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