Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Digital Trend

Great video.  There is definitely a trend going on in the world of fly fishing.  Many go out, not only with the intent to catch a fantastic fish or take in the beautiful scenery, but now many aim to catch it on film.  It's a trend that I cannot deny having a desire to be a part of.  I don't care for the following that many are looking for.  The appeal for me is in reliving the experience and putting a kind of frame on what is already a beautiful picture.  It takes some talent and a whole lot of time in putting together even a short video.  I stumbled upon this particular video on midcurrent.com  It has a feel good, lots of fish,  beautiful surroundings kind of resonance that conveys a small bit of the essence of fly fishing.  I can't get enough of those rod-bending hook sets.

Fly Fishing Eastern Sierra Nevadas from Chris Marino on Vimeo.

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